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Exceptional Custom Saddles in Jersey City For Your Home or Business

jersey city custom saddles

When you hear “saddle,” you might perhaps think of “horse saddle”: You know, that thing that you place on a horse to make it easier to ride.

And horse saddles are certainly commonplace enough to warrant the imagery. But of course, that’s not the only kind of saddle there is. There are also MARBLE saddles — those strips of marble that fit within thresholds between rooms.

Though horse saddles and marble saddles are quite distinct from one another, they ARE similar in that both materials are used to create a smooth transition: one from animal from human, and the other from room to room.

Greater Aesthetics

Of course, a saddle in and of itself serves to bolster aesthetics. After all, it can look quite jarring and even downright UNSIGHTLY should one kind of floor material butt right up against another in the transition from one room to another. But a strip of material to delineate a line between the two can take the unpleasantness out of that transition!

However, since saddles used to be made of only metal or wood, they in themselves might not always have looked attractive enough to do their job as best as possible. Yes, the delineation is easy on the eyes, but a strip of metal isn’t always quite so.

A strip of MARBLE, on the other hand, IS attractive. Perhaps a wood or metal saddle jars your sensibilities, but a marble saddle will ALWAYS prove to be a lovely segue from one room to another. Your home will be the center of your life, so it deserves to look as beautiful as possible. And with marble custom saddles within thresholds, you can enjoy the greatest aesthetics possible!

Durable Material

When you do something to make your home look beautiful, you’ll want that something to KEEP your home looking beautiful for many years to come. And with marble saddles from a reputable tile and marble vendor, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Wood splinters and metal bends and corrodes, meaning saddles made from those materials require regular replacements and upkeep to continue functioning as sturdy and, of course, attractive saddles.

Marble, on the other hand, is a VERY sturdy material that can last for MANY years while still looking and functioning like brand new. Your home should look beautiful, and it should look beautiful for years. And with durable marble saddles, your home can continue to look its most beautiful for a good, long while!

Get Quality Custom Marble For Your Saddles

If you think marble saddles sound right for your home, then you need to get a top-quality marble to enjoy the most beautiful and longest-lasting marble saddles for your home. And to get that quality of material, buy your marble from the experienced vendors at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

With Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc., you’ll get not only quality marble but also a custom saddle for your home. Thus, with Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc., you can be sure to have the most beautiful custom saddles possible!

If you need custom saddles for your home or business in Jersey City, NJ, please call Kennedy Tile & Marble at 201-798-8666 or complete our
online request form

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