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“We at Kennedy Tile are taking all precautions to make sure our clients are not exposed to the Coronavirus, and we kindly ask that you do your part.
Please, if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to the virus we kindly ask that you do not come into our showroom and or warehouse.
We are taking this very seriously. Thank you for your business and we look forward to better days ahead.”

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Kitchen Counters

You’ll use your kitchen every single day, many different times a day, and for an important and unavoidable reason: to nourish yourself.

But it’s not enough just to prepare and cook your sustenance. You also need to be sure that that sustenance is clean and free from harmful bacteria. Otherwise, it can defeat the purpose of eating to stay healthy and, of course, ALIVE.

Dirty kitchen counters can keep your food from being as sanitary as you need it to be, though — unless you get a material that’s resistant to bacterial build up. And with quality marble and other stone materials, you can be just that kind of counter!

After all, many kinds of marble and other such stone countertops can be sealed to prevent bacteria from food preparation from seeping into your countertops and tainting other foods down the road.

If you are in the market for countertops that are not only sanitary but also stunning to look at, you can’t go wrong with the pros at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

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Since 1985, we at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. have provided residents and businesses in and around the Jersey City area with quality marble and tile materials.

Whether you are in the market to purchase quality stone materials or to have those materials cut to your specifications, we at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. can provide you with just that work thanks to our generous stock and our stone fabrication services.

And when we say “generous stock,” we MEAN “generous.” We carry a wide variety of stone materials for all of your tile needs: granite, marble, quartz, slate, limestone. We can even special order imported natural stone for you should your tile needs extend beyond what we’re able to offer locally.

With our generous stock, precise fabrication services, and dedication to quality customer service and great prices, you can’t go wrong with Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. for all of your tile and marble needs.

Whether you are looking to build a new home or business or renovate your existing one, make Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. your first and last stop for quality tile sold and fabricated at unbeatable prices.

Bathroom Tile

Marble and other stone materials are ideal for your bathroom since they are resistant to water damage. And with all of the water that will be present in your bathroom every day, it’s important to ensure that its flooring won’t disintegrate over the years from that necessary moisture.

Indeed, with tile made of marble or some other stone material, you can be sure that your bathroom will remain intact and beautiful for many years to come.

On top of stone tile’s durability, some materials actually offer slip resistance to help keep you safe as you shower. Noted for its slip-resistance, slate is a great option for any bathroom’s flooring.

Marble and stone are also great for your shower tile and tub backsplashes, for the same reasons those materials are great for bathroom flooring: They are resistant to water damage.

What’s more, marble and stone make for a STUNNING bathroom. If you want a safe, sturdy, and BEAUTIFUL bathroom, you can’t go wrong with marble and other such stones provided and cut by the pros at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

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Why Choose Kennedy Tile & Marble

You should choose Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. if you are in the market for the highest-quality marble and stone and incredible prices.

You should choose Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. if you want the closest and most precise cuts for your tiles and countertops.

Most of all, you should choose Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. if you want only the best customer service around.

We make it our mission to provide each and every customer with the perfect marble or stone for their home or business. We carry a respectable stock of materials, and we can import other natural stones to suit your tastes and needs.

With over three DECADES of experience, we at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. have the experience and the dedication to quality work to keep your home or business looking stunning for many years to come.

Why should you choose us? That we can answer in one word: quality. And LOTS of it.

Care & Maintenance Products

We at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. understand that, after you get your marble installed, you’ll want to continue enjoying its beauty and its many great benefits for years to come.

And we can help keep your marble and stone looking and functioning like brand new with the many care and maintenance products we offer!

Whether you are looking for something to bring out your marble’s natural beauty, to keep it strong and durable, or to help keep it sealed and waterproofed, you can’t go wrong with the quality care and maintenance products offered through Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

Your marble and stone are already naturally beautiful and durable — but to keep them as beautiful and as durable as possible for as many years as possible, you need to call on Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. to get supplies with quality maintenance products.

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