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Custom Stone Fabrication Experts in Jersey City

jersey city custom stone fabrication

Stone is one of the best natural resources that’s ever been available for use in our homes. Stone is naturally beautiful, and of COURSE it can last for many, many years, saving you money on repairs and replacements over time.

Of course, stone doesn’t naturally develop in a way that’s useful within your home. It doesn’t come out of the earth cut to the kinds of dimensions that you need for your countertops, tiles, and so forth.

No, indeed, for stone to get in any kind of usable state, it must first undergo a process known as stone fabrication.

What Is Stone Fabrication?

Stone fabrication is the process in which your stone is cut into a state that is useful for your needs. Just what does that entail? Why, just a few simple steps:

  • Your stone fabricator will come to your home and measure the space in which you want your stone installed.
  • The fabricator will then come up with a design for the cut.
  • Once you approve of the design, the fabrication company will fabricate — or cut — your stone so that it fits the space in which you need it to fit.

What Spaces Are Those?

Stone has a variety of uses in your home. It can be used for countertops, for flooring, for tile in your bathroom — including the walls and tub backsplashes.

Of course, all of these uses require specific dimensions — dimensions which stone does not naturally contour to.

To be able to use your stone of choice for your application of choice within your home, you’ll need to have your stone fabricated by an experienced professional.

What Professional Should I Chose?

You should choose a professional who has experience and a track record for excellence. And for anyone living in or around Jersey City, New Jersey, that professional should be Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

Our tile and marble experts have over three DECADES of experience working with stone. Whether that stone is marble, quartz, slate, granite, or limestone and whether you intend to use that stone for tile flooring, walls, backsplashes, or countertops, you can rely on us at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc. to provide you with the most precise fabrication at the best price.

Stone is a beautiful and useful material for your home — but only if you get it fabricated. And ONLY if that fabrication is careful and exact.

And to get nothing but THE most careful and exact stone fabrication, then call on Jersey City’s fabrication experts at Kennedy Tile & Marble Inc.

If you are looking for custom stone fabrication services in Jersey City, NJ, please call Kennedy Tile & Marble at 201-798-8666 or complete our
online request form

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